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What is the Ultimate Obstacle Run Challenge?


The Boot Camp Ultimate Challenge is a race that is a minimum  2.5 miles that has obstacles along the course that your team will be asked to negotiate. "Lace Them Up" and step up to the challenge.


This is a team race you must be together throughout the race.  You may walk or run all we require from you is that  just finish what you start! You are given flags depending on how many obstacles your course offers.  If your team fail to negotiate an obstacle you will be forced to give one of your flags before continuing to the next obstacle.  Simple, if you finish the obstacles with NO flags, you FAILED the mission, if you have flags left your team accomplished the mission.

There will be obstacles that you face that will DEFINITELY make you give up a flag.


The obstacles ranges from low crawling, wall climbing, rope pull, and many more challenges that will not be revealed until the day of.  It is YOU against our COURSE DESIGNER! 

BE A BOOT CAMP SQUAD LEADER by encouraging other to participate.  If you are successful you will receive $10.00 per person that you enlist.  The more individuals you get to enlist under your squad the more money goes in your pocket. You will receive your check within 2 weeks after the event is over.



What is the cost of the run?

$40.00 per person


Do I have to have a team member?

Yes, generally the teams are comprised of 2-4 enlistees but the more we have the more fun we have.


How long does the race normally take?

It will take about an hour depending on how well you negotiate your challenge.  Remember it you against the course!


Is this race generally for a person that works out on a regular basis?

No this is for anyone that is up for a challenge.  This is a physical challenge but a mental one as well.  Have you ever heard “to work smarter, not harder”?


Why do we have flags?

In the event you cannot complete one of the challenges successful you can give one of your flags away as a pass to go to the next obstacle.  At the end of the race the more flags you have, the more chances you have to win prizes.


What are the prizes?

Depending on your ability to negotiate the obstacle you can win up to $500.00.


How many teams can participate in each race?

We can generate up to 200 teams.


What are the ages that can participate?

We have ages up to 13 years of age.  Any participant under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver.


My company would love to be a sponsor, how can we do that?

You may email us at


How do you volunteer?

You may email us at