Operation Darkness 

Our most popular event.  One of a kind team building operation. This team building event forces teams to communicate or suffer the consequences.  The mission rely on every participant. Our trained team will find your team's weak area.  They will help them understand by doing so "their mission is compromised".  

Learn how to communicate verbally as well as work on your non-verbals.  This task encourage you to understand the game plan and execute it with precision.  This also will also allow you to deal with adverse situations that will transfer during competition.



 Reconnaissance  Challenge! 

Similar to the Amazing Race but more intense. The challenge  is one of our most popular team engagement events. This event doubles as an outstanding opportunity to explore the city and surrounding landscape. It is an effective team building event combining communication skills, planning, strategy, teamwork, and a race against the clock. Anyone can participate as no special skills, athletic ability or experience is required.  Each team’s goal is to complete the race course in as little time as possible. In order to do so, teams must interpret a number of "clues" to locate up to 10 destination Route Markers. At the conclusion of the race, awards will be presented to the top finishing teams. The race can finish at a location of the team choosing including the group’s school, a popular restaurant or other interesting city landmark.

The Investigator

We've adapted the theme of crime investigation into an entertaining group format, allowing teams to compete in a creative and exciting activity. With each member proficient in a specific navigational or crime solving skill and using their powers of detection and deduction, teams must work together to navigate their way through a series of challenges and tasks. Each location is staged as a crime scene where teams must carefully search for clues, preserving and documenting evidence to solve the case.

Upon completion, the teams hand in their evidence and receive lab results. Their final challenge is to interpret the meaning of the clues and evidence and attempt to solve the mystery: who has committed this shocking crime. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Group format, allowing teams to compete in a physical activity that is exciting and fun.  The team that finds the most amount of items in the least amount of time will be declared the winner.

Not so FAST!!  There are 15 common items and 15 unpredictable items that will make you scratch your head. This requires strategy and team work because the teams split up and must check in at the same time in order for their items to be accounted for.