Speed and Agility Training

Speed, Agility, and quickness training has become a popular way to train our modern day athletes.  With the continually increasing need to promote athletic ability, this type of training has proven to enhance the practical field abilities of participants in a wide variety of sports. We believe this is the most important training you can receive if you want to be a better athlete.

 Coaches today not only want skilled players, they want strong, quick, and agile athletes. The Boot Camps' staff began researching ways to improve an athlete's explosiveness and strength and discovered "speed explosion training specialists" who are changing the way sports are being played.  Boot Camp gives you specific tools to becoming a better athlete. 

What are the benefits of attending?

Improve overall athleticism
Increase your vertical
Improve your quickness
Improve your transition
Eliminate wasted motion
Increase your speed

12 Sessions (6 Weeks)                                           4 Sessions (4 Weeks)                         

Mon & Wed 5:30 – 6:30                                                                      Saturdays 8:00 9:30

Tue & Thu 5:30 – 6:30                                                                         $80.00 (If two or more, it's $50.00 per person)

$200.00 (That is less than $17.00 per session)


DEVELOP CONFIDENCE                               OVERCOME FEARS                           DEVELOPE QUICKNESS!