Scavenger Hunt

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Your objective is for your team of (6) to find the most amount of items in the least amount of time before the other teams. What type of items? You will be asked to find 15 common items and 15 uncanny items. 

This is event is to  promote health, fitness and wellness in a recreational activity. To support your players please make a donation by clicking the team name below.



üNo cars will be used.  However you may walk, run, use roller blades, or use a bike.

üNo cell phones can be used to communicate with others outside of competition
üThere will be no use of radio to communicate with teammates
üTeam member can go in different directions, however, they must all be present to turn in all items. 

üThe Captain must report to the table and declare that they are ready to register their items for time
üThe team that reports in with the most items in the least amount of time will be declared the winner
üThere will be a 1st , 2nd and 3rd Place winner
üThere will be a AWARD for the team that raises the most amount of money
üThe team with the most amount of SPIRIT will be awarded the “Most Spirited Team” Award