Maryland Developmental Camp


Anastasia Island, St. Augustine, Florida

All-Sports & Cheer Competition Camp

All Expensive Paid (Transportation, Food and Lodging)


TYPICAL DAY                      PAYMENT OPTIONS            ST. AUGUSTINE, FL            MEALS



We treat all like family. Your son/daughter will receive PERSONAL ATTENTION and instruction by age, experience and ability level. Our staff is phenomenal in pulling the best out of each individual.  We will take your son/daughter to the next level.  



You will be compete in daily individual and team contests. These contests include fun-filled games and all your favorite sports, including volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer and many others!



 Every morning starts with physical training. Our goal is to instill the great importance of fitness. You will team up with other attendees to lead the squad in daily exercises. Our goal is to promote leadership skills, to build memories and to foster friendships that will last a lifetime.



One of our goals throughout the week is to provide education about the importance of healthy eating and proper nutrition. A professional chef will visit throughout the week to teach us how to prepare balanced meals for ourselves. You will have the opportunity to assist and to learn from the chef.



One of our goals throughout the week is to allow our youth to soak in their environment and to allow them to take pictures of one of many historical event that St. Augustine has to offer.