Typical Schedule


Round-the-Clock Supervision

Campers are supervised constantly throughout the day. The staff participates  all activities. Bad behavior is strictly prohibited and constitutes as grounds for immediate dismissal from camp.


 Lasting Friendships

Campers increase their self-confidence, gain independence, skills, and form friendships to last a lifetime.

All Your Camp Questions Answered

Please call to speak to one of our staff members. We will answer all your camp questions and assist you with registration over the phone if needed




Drop off can be as earliest as 7:30, however you must notify us that you will need this option when our staff makes contact with you.

8:00   Squad Leader Briefing

8:30   Health/ Fitness education

9:00   1st Level of Squad   Competition/Fitness   Challenge

11:00  Debriefing

11:30  Lunch

12:30  Group Time

1:00    2nd Level of Squad Competition/Fitness   Challenge 

3:00    Nutrition Briefing

3:30    Fun/Excitement/Games

5:00    Pick-up

Typical Schedule

This is a typical schedule.  There may be times that a competition or tour goes longer than anticipated.