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WHAT WE DO...   


CHEERLEADING teaches and promotes fitness and good health choices, as our bodies cannot do the things required of this sport if we are not fit and healthy  Our practice, camps an clubs set the tone for a lifestyle of healthy choices.


The foundation for becoming a great cheerleader is clean motion technique.  Students will be challenged as they learn how to incorporate essential cheer motions into cheer and sideline chants that will command the attention of any crowd.


Jumping requires strength, power and flexibility.  This specialty class will focus on these key elements by combining technical instruction with plyometric exercises, strength training and stretching to help athletes achieve results.


We have qualified trainers to assist your youth in learning proper stunting techniques.  They will be taught the basic rules to give them a better understanding of the physical attributes behind stunting and have greater success in their routines.


Dance is one of the basic fundamentals of cheerleading.  You will have the opportunity to learn choreography, bond with your team, practice technique, and much more.  This gives participants the opportunity to take their dancing to the next level.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle coupled with a proven work-out plan is an important element of being a cheerleader.  Cheerleading is a physical sport and requires you to use different muscle groups. A plan is designed for each cheerleader to assist them in their success.  We also incorporate exercises that focus on strength and endurance.

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