Cheer Camp 2015


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JULY 12-18

St. Augustine, Florida

 "Fine tune your skills with daily practice on jumps, cheers, dancing, tumbling

and stunting in a competition environment."

REGISTRATION is closed. 

Competition Cheerleading Camp with BCSA is a fantastic time of year! Rising second graders to rising juniors from all over the DMV join together at the St. Augustine Beach Campground in the beautiful state of Florida. Each participant will be put onto a team of ten with each team having their own personal coach. Daily practices that promote team bonding, fundamentals and skills will take place every day, and every night, the entire camp will come together for a fun-filled activity! This camp is open to those who have no experience in cheerleading, those who have cheered for years, and everyone in between. For newcomers, it will help ease them into the competition experience; for those who have competed before, it will give them that extra practice during the off season that they want and need. 





We have developed a curriculum that is important in developing safe performances of cheerleading, which include jumps, partner stunts, pyramids and tumbling. Our staff is phenomenal in pulling the best out of each individual.  We will take you to the next level! 




         Dance Warm up
         Group sessions
         Team Practice
         Evening Activity
         Back in rooms
         Lights out

A typical day at BCSA is not typical at all! Days will start with a fitness focused dance to help warm the campers up and increase their energy. Afterwards group sessions with each coach will take place. During lunch, a certified nutritionist will come and speak with the girls about healthy eating and how to make proper choices. Sessions start again and after they are finished, teams will have time to practice what they have learned for the day with their coach. Once practice is over, campers will either get free time or will get to take part in the evening activity! 

*Typical days can vary and may be changed to better your child's experience



Hard work and practices will take place every day, but it's not all work and no play. Every night, a specific activity is planned for the campers to partake in. From a night of bowling, a dance and karaoke party, visiting local attractions, and a luau on the beach, the fun never ends! Working hard and playing hard is not just a saying, it's our lifestyle. 


After all of the hard work and practices have been completed, participants will get to perform their routine as a team, in front of the whole camp!  A special guest will also be a part and watch every routine that is performed.  Awards will later be handed out to both individuals and teams, but the excitement does not end there. Everyone will then head over to Universal Studios for the rest of the day! 


This camp is all inclusive. Travel expenses, accommodations, food, t-shirts, activities and Universal Studios will all be included in this price.

We have 3 payment options:

1) No fundraiser/pay $950.00 in full

2) Do fundraiser/pay $250.00 out of pocket

3) Elect to fundraise full amount

Our staff has been fundraising for over 20 years for camps/clinic. BCSA Cheer fundraisers do not require campers to go door to door or sell any products.  It is a fitness/wellness fundraiser that also allows you to raise all your funds.  This requires you to sign up early. 

To secure your spot in the camp a deposit of $50.00 needs to be made that will go towards your cost.


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If you are interested in learning more about BCSA Cheerleading Camp, please feel free to email Coach Christy at with any questions or concerns. She will be happy to help you in any way she can and will get back to you as soon as possible.



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