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ABOUT THE DIAMONDS: BCSA Diamonds is a club is for one and all! No matter your shape, size, age, gender, abilities, or experience, everyone is welcomed to be a part of this team. This club is dedicated to making sure your children are learning the proper way to cheer, jump, tumble, and stunt in a safe and positive environment. Practices will be conducted once a week and will focus on fundamentals, flexibility, fitness and fine-tuning of skills. This club is not just a club that meets once a week. This club is for those who are dedicated to cheer and want to become the best that they can be. To help make this happen, an individual plan is made exclusively for each child to work on during off-time that will help strengthen their weaknesses, improve their fitness and flexibility, and build up their endurance. 

WHO IS THIS FOR: This club is perfect for those who are already on teams and need extra practice, and for those who may have never cheered before. All-star and recreation teams do not always have time to work on things like fundamentals and flexibility. Our main focus is to work with each participant to help them excel in this sport. 

WHEN ARE PRACTICES: Practices will be held once a week for an hour and a half. Days and times will be announced soon!

PRICING: The fee to be a part of this team is only $80.00 per month. (Payable on the first of each month). There are no contracts and no penalties for leaving before the end of the year, however, we do ask for reasonable notice if you know that your child will be leaving. 


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