TYPICAL DAY                      PAYMENT OPTIONS            ST. AUGUSTINE, FL            MEALS

Parents have two option payment plans they may choose from:


With Option to Raise All


We feel that hard work and dedication   strengthens our youth.  Whether it's perseverance,  goal setting, giving 100% effort,  selflessness,  teamwork,  positive attitude,  finishing or being thankfulness our youth can gain a valuable life lesson. 

Our fundraiser will be on a upcoming Saturday in June.  The fundraiser is a fitness fundraiser that will last for an1 1 1/2 hours.  Parents will receive package about the fundraiser once the sign up. 

The additional $250.00 can be raised within the same fundraiser and as a parent you can possibly pay ZERO dollars.

You must sign up before May 5th.



We understand that you would love for your child to participate in the fundraiser, but because of family obligations or time it's not possible for you to do the fundraiser.  You do have the option of paying in full.